A European agricultural product certification by Foodoxys of University of Thessaly, which introduces a new, innovative system for rating and classifying the quality of agricultural products from around the world. Specifically, it refers to the comparison of a wide range of products categorized based on the EU and the US FDA regulation on foods and drinks, such as cereals, meat-based products, milk, eggs, edible oils and fats, coffee, tea and its products, seafood and their products, various types of food of plant origin, beverages, preserved foods etc.

Each product is subjected to a thorough evaluation of the quality of its inherent composition, to explore its effect on human health and well being. The strict control protocols to which it is submitted,assess its ability to neutralize a multitude of both synthetic and natural free radicals. At the same time, the ability of the product to protect the DNA from breaks that can lead to mutations is tested. Finally, the product is tested for its ability to protect important biomolecules of the organism, such as lipids, from oxidative damage associated with modern lifestyles and rhythms and related in studies, to heart diseases, neurological diseases and cancer.

Strictly speaking, a product’s nutritional value and its effects on human health are being assessed and categorised.