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Agricultural Cooperation of

1 Dimokratias Str. - Platikampos,
Larissa, 40009. Greece

A European agricultural product certification by Foodoxys of University of Thessaly, which introduces a new, innovative system for rating and classifying the quality of agricultural products from around the world. Specifically, it refers to the comparison of a wide range of products categorized based on the EU and the US FDA regulation on foods and drinks, such as cereals, meat-based products, milk, eggs, edible oils and fats, coffee, tea and its products, seafood and their products, various types of food of plant origin, beverages, preserved foods etc.

Our History

Agricultural Cooperation of Platikampos was founded in 1922 by local farmers cultivating cereals, sugar beets, peas, garlic etc. Platikampos area is located at the heart of Thessaly’s valley, by the outskirts of Mount Kissavos.
According to findings and historic transcripts, its history begins many centuries ago, includes the habitation of Thessaly by the historic tribe of semi-God Achilleas the Mirmidon and its civilization reaches a climax around 6th cent. B.C.

The fertile plains of Platikampos, combined with ideal climate conditions, lead to a considerably rapid progress of local population in agricultural techniques.

Our garlic

According to studies and research conducted by University of Thessaly, Platikampos area microclimate and, in particular, the considerable temperature difference between day and night, have favoured cultivation of garlic for centuries.

Use of garlic by humans, has been detected for the last 5000years, while its therapeutic benefits have been known to medical and scientific communities for over 3000 years! Garlic bulbs have been extensively used for medicinal purposes. It can be used fresh, dried or as an extract. Garlic has a high concentration in sulphuric compounds, which are the main active ingredients in garlic infused medicine. Its main effective substances are alin andalinase.

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